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The Stress solution you have finally been waiting for....

Most of us need to work long hours all through the day without caring for our health. And this can easily strain our eyes, shoulders, back or other body parts. 

Fortunately, eye pillows are now available to help relieve our daily body tension, stress, pain, strain and migraines

These wraps are perfectly designed to place around your eyes or on any part of the body in a way that these help you get the maximum benefits along with pain relief. 

The lavender eye pillow benefits are simply amazing!  Filled with variety of materials such as flaxseeds and lavender flowers, these wraps can be utilized to help sooth tired muscles through heat or cold therapy.Here we will be talking about the specific type of eye pillows,  and the benefits they can offer you. If you are really eager to know how it helps, read on…

But What Really is a Lavender Eye Pillow? 

It’s a little bit different from your usual pillow. Unlike pillows, it is used to cover the eyes. It is sometimes called dream pillow because it helps in good sleep. Eye pillows are basically rectangular-shaped bags filled with scented or non-scented herbs. Lavender, flax seed, chamomile, rose petals, eucalyptus and dried rice are commonly used as fillers. 

Lavender eye pillow is the eye pillow filled mainly flaxseeds and dried lavender, which has healing properties. 

When Can You use an eye pillow?

Does usage require any specific circumstance? Simple answer: No! It can be used at any time and without any condition. It can be used when you just feel like taking a break from work or when you want to sleep better. Some yoga practitioners utilize it as an additional tool for ultra-relaxation. If you’re feeling jittery, depressed or little unmotivated, this can also be your little friend. 

 By now, it is clear that lavender eye pillows can be used as a holistic treatment for psychological stresses.But, is that it?To know more about lavender eye pillow and its other properties, read on. 

HOw do these eye pillows work?

Basically, an eye pillow is made of flax seeds sewn in a soft delicate muslin cloth with an eye shaped frame. The soft bag works by providing the right amount of acupressure from the flax seeds to keep your eyes revitalized and cool off your mind.When the eye pillow is slightly refrigerated, it provides an even cooler sensation that leaves you relaxed enough to fall into a deep slumber.

When the eye pillow is slightly refrigerated, it provides an even cooler sensation that leaves you relaxed enough to fall into a deep slumber. 

Many people use eye pillows to alleviate migraines, common headaches due to pressure and anxiety, and simply to unwind after a long stressful day. The light weight of flax seeds in the bag gives you instant relaxation and comfort. Let’s look at some of the key benefits you get from eye pillows.   

What are the benefits?

1) Lavender eye pillow is portable, aesthetically pleasing and fragrantly enticing

First, what are its features and benefits from a physical point of view? One is its size. Lavender eye pillows are usually less than a foot long, which is wide enough to cover both eyes sideways until the temples. Since these eye pillows are usually small, they can be a wonderful travel companion. In long flights or rides where sleep is usually uncomfortable, lavender eye pillow can greatly help in providing peaceful, undisturbed rest. 

Commercial lavender eye pillows are also presented in different ways. Some eye pillows have fabrics made of satin or silk and some have covers printed in vibrant patterns. There are also cute animal designs geared towards the younger people. 

 Not only is the lavender eye pillow pleasing to the eyes, but it also contains an alluring scent. If you haven’t sniffed lavender before, you are definitely missing this wonderful aroma in your life.

2. Lavender eye pillow makes the eyes look lively 

Lavender and other herbs that fill the eye pillow contain essential oils with aromatic effect. Organic lavender boasts several healing properties against restlessness, insomnia, abdominal problems, rheumatism and appetite loss. In particular, lavender refreshes tired eyes and soothes dark under eye circles. 

The use of flax seeds in lavender eye pillow also permits the pillow to fit the contours of the face, adding a small pressure to the muscles and eyes. The light excess weight with the flax seeds ensures a perfect amount of acupressure to revitalize the eye and to freshen up the vision. Light pressure on the eyeballs is also said to lower heart rate and stimulate the vagus nerve. This vagus nerve is primarily responsible on how our appetite affects the mood. Ultimately, rousing this nerve is critical on long-term stress resilience and happiness. 

3. Lavender eye pillow promotes good sleep and good health 

In eye pillows, essential oils and herbs combined with lavender work for a particular therapeutic purpose. For example, eucalyptus herbs are effective for people suffering from headaches caused by colds. Warmed flax seeds can be very soothing for tired facial muscles. Lavender, on the other hand, is excellent for reducing anxiety and insomnia. It can also be utilized for proper blood circulation. Heated lavender emits an inviting fragrance that lulls one to sleep.  

L avender can also act as a sedative, especially when encountered or taken in large amounts. A few sprays of lavender oil can make even the insomniac go into deep slumber. As a filling in eye pillows, lavender also does the same thing – it can relieve migraine, headaches and restlessness for a better night rest.  

4. Lavender eye pillow lessens eye fatigue 

What an eye pillow basically does is to block all the glaring light going in your eyes. This includes all the visual stimuli that keep the mind from resting. The pillow relieves eye tension and strain especially after a long day staring in the computer or TV screen.  

5. Lavender eye pillow reduces physiological and psychological stress 

Yoga practitioners pair lavender eye pillows with their restorative yoga exercises for meditation and for embodiment. Some of them use it at the end of their yoga practice during savasana (“corpse pose”). By placing the eye pillow over their eyes while softening all their facial muscles, yoga practitioners report a more rejuvenating relaxation experience.  

Where to buy these eye pillows?

In essence, lavender has a deep effect on a person’s equilibrium between the mind and the body. It is proven to fight off infections, improve cognition, soothe the stomach and boost one’s resiliency to stress – the last one is particularly important to maintain this critical balance for long-term health. When worn on the regular basis, lavender eye pillow benefits will greatly improve your life by providing a fresh, clear, and unstressed mind for the upcoming days.  

Stress-free and pain-less days are waiting for you to experience. You can enjoy therapeutically benefits at home now, using our Lavender Eye Pillows. Get Yours Now!