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Lavender Essential Oil Spray

Relaxation for the Whole Family!

Do you need to have a bit of calm wash over you at times? Do you need help soothing into sleep at night? Or perhaps your kids could use some calming before bedtime? Our lavender pillow spray is the answer to everyone getting a better night’s sleep!

The scent of the Lavender flower has long been known for it’s calming effects. Our oils are extracted using steam distillation, and our lavender aromatherapy linen spray is handcrafted with only therapeutic grade pure natural lavender essential oil.

It Smells GOOD (and just like Lavender)! While lavender does have some variation of scent (as with any flower), our Lavender Essential Oil Linen Spray is not a blend of others, but a pure pleasing scent of just natural lavender.

Made in USA by Local Artisan: We are so excited to have our expert Artisan handcraft each and every bottle of our Lavender Essential Oil Pillow Spray. Only the finest ingredients are used! Each small batch is tested for quality and scent, and then hand-bottled and labeled.

Pillow Spray and Personal Mist: Spray your linens/pillows, and your kid’s pillows (we sell those too!) with our pillow spray. If your baby is old enough for a pillow, our spray is safe for use on their pillow too! Or, you can just mist it in the air so it can be smelled. Or spray it on jammies before putting them on your little one. Lavender may not be “magic,” but we are hoping that it has a magical effect on you!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Our Lavender Essential Oil Pillow Spray is the perfect solution to calm and soothe any time of day. However, if for any reason you are not satisfied, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every bottle… NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

We are pretty sure you won’t need it. We think you might like it so much, that you will be buying another one soon. So you might want an extra 1 or 2 now - for your bag or purse, nightstand, and your office. Wherever you need to Z